Project Structure

Zip structure provided with licences & clothing backend files.

Downloaded Zip Structure

  • Document : It will explain how to setup this project, configure and customize the application.

  • License : Terms and conditions for use, reproduction and distribution of this software piece.

  • Dashboard: Angular UI version available in this directory. It is developed with latest angular 5.X version with angular-cli.

  • Node JS API: Includes a nodeJS api developed with expressJS framework . You can start development project from this directory.

Angular Code Structure

Inside app folder we have all the project Files.

This project is created with angular-cli and follows modular approach. You can change it according to your needs.

src > app: It is the main folder where you start your development work.

  • Layout: It has some common module that will be used throughout the app like header and footer components.

  • Pages: It contains all the page modules like Home, Shop, Account, UI Components, etc. You can go inside any of these modules, and you can see it has several components that we import in our module.ts. All these submodules will be imported to our main module, app.module.ts. You can remove or delete, add any of the components inside any module.

  • typeScript: We have added some MDB components like calendar, time picker, etc. You don't need to do anything inside this directory.

  • Components CSS: If you want to customize CSS of any components, then we can add our CSS inside elements.scss file. You can see each component directory has HTML, SCSS, and TS file. You can add all the custom CSS inside the scss file.

C main.scss: You can see in main.scss, we have imported each scss file: base, components, helpers, layout, modules, ng-bootstrap, etc. If you want to change any of these scss files, you can do it as well. If you add any more modules, you can create scss file in this directory and include into your main.scss. It is always best practice to write inside components so in future if we release the next version, it will be easy for you to update the project.

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