Installation Guide

Step-by-step Installation guide to setup and run the project.

How to Run

Run in Device or Emulator: ‌ Before running this, make sure that you have installed all the packages inside your flutter project by following the below steps: ‌

Click on tools, go to SDK manager there you click on all the checkboxes of different versions of APK click on apply then click on finish. ‌ ‌

Tools> AVD Manager> Create new Virtual device select your device, click on next and it will display you with the options to choose the version, click on next and finish. You can run it by selecting the device and clicking on the emulator option. Or you can also run it by using the below command called flutter run.

Open your terminal and navigate to the project folder and install plugins :

** $ flutter packages get **

Once plugins are installed successfully you can run the app in Device with :

** $ flutter run **(to run mobile app)

You may also face VT -X disabled error while running the emulator if your BIOS set up is incomplete (applicable for only windows user). So make sure that you will set the BIOS by below steps.

You can go to System configuration >VT >Device configuration >Enable VT

If there is any issue apart from this, please google it, or if you fail not find the solution, please feel free to report us, we will look into it.

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