FIrebase Config


This app uses Firebase as a backend to read and write data from the database. In this section, you will find all the steps required for the app set up to connect with Firebase.

Create a Firebase app

First, you should create a free Firebase account and create a new app there. You can visit and signup if you don't have an account with google earlier. If you have an account you can create a firebase app project. Enter your project Name and Select Region, and it will create a firebase project for you.

Add Firebase to your ionic app

Once the project gets Created, Navigate into Overview menu on the left side then you can see Add Firebase to your web app like the screenshot below. Latest UI of firebase website may change so our screenshot might look different compared to their new UI but their link and functionality almost same.

Copy app credential

Once you copy the Config credential can replace the current config details on firebase.config.ts


In database click "Create Database" Select Start in test mode & enable it, the database will be created.

Firebase Authentication

To Registration and Login to apps you need to activate firebase auth Email / password and To config the social Login you need to enabled them and add the API key that you need to create on Facebook or Twitter developer account.

You can check Create social app section to create app ID for Facebook, Google +, Twitter.

Once you enable Facebook you need to Enter App ID and App Secret Key that you can get once create Facebook App.

You can Setup Social auth as well, but you need to do some changes in the apps side as well if you complete all the point successfully now you can log in, Register to apps and order any product so that all the order item stores in your Firebase Database. You can Design your own Dashboard CMS to Manage all the order and Menu Item or if you need to check our Firebase Dashboard.

Firebase Database/Storage Rule

You need to update database rule to read and write to all initial setup later based on your requirement to you can update it.

Firebase Storage is used to store user profile pictures. If you complete all the steps successfully then you can run ionic Firebase app and then you can Register or Login or Order a Product. It will store in your Firebase Database.