Grocery Saas App
An e-commerce grocery app that can be used for multiple brands and multiple locations. The app consists of User mobile app, Vendor mobile app, Delivery boy app, User wen app and CMS dashboard.

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Abstract Introduction of Grocery SAAS App and System:
This app bundle is a one-stop Online Grocery Stores Delivery business solution. In this startup bundle, you will get an eCommerce Website, Grocery Mobile App, Delivery App, Vendor app and Grocery CMS Dashboard with 3 different roles:
    Super admin
Grocery User App: This Grocery mobile application offers amazing features to build a powerful online ordering system and/or app for your grocery shop and/or supermarket shop/business. It enhances the online home grocery stuffs ordering experience for your customers with your mobile grocery app. This grocery mobile app is a fully functional mobile app that has all features of online grocery does require to start operation successfully and let your customer order from their hand tips as per their convenient time and save their time as well as energy.

What it contains in the Grocery SAAS Package ?

    User App
    Delivery boy app
    Vendor app
    Web app
    CMS Dashboard ( Admin, Owner, Manager roles )
    Application program interface ( API Server )
Grocery SAAS Mobile App Features
    Categories base product listing
    Add to cart product items
    Order history
    Offers, Coupons, Taxes applied
    Manage Address and Checkout features
    Online store locator using your mobile device
Grocery Delivery Boy App Features
    Order Acceptance and/or Rejection
    Location Tracking via Map
    Updating delivery status
    Access all pre-delivered items
    Delivery history
Grocery Vendor App Features
    Getting order information
    Accepting order request
    Orders management
    Access Sales & charts
Grocery SAAS Dashboard/CMS (Admin, Owner, Manager)
    Manage your products.
    Manage your delivery
    Manage your products categories
    Manage your product Subcategories
    Manage your offers
    Realtime notification on new orders
    Selling Report and graphs.
    Manage your orders by changing to different status such as approve, cancel, on the way etc and assigning to delivery boy
    Manage Coupons
    Chat between manager and owner
    Manage Various settings such as Working Hours, Delivery Info and Tags
    Staff Management
    Manage Various Locations
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