All the 3rd party services used in this app. You need to create below account to make the app live .

Cloud Server Like DigitalOcean / AWS or VPS with Root Access

You can get any cloud account of your choices like Digital Ocean OR AWS. We can deploy on any of those servers. We need a 2GB Ram server to run this app. Digitalocean Cost : 10 USD/Month (Approx) AWS: 16-18 USD/Month (Approx) Once you sign up with any of that servers make sure to verify your account Email and Billing as well, Without billing verification, we aren't able to create or use their machine.


We use an image kit for all our image storage for products. We use this tool as it optimizes images on runtime so we can get the different sizes of images we need on an app or website from the same source image easily. It automatically optimizes all the images as well. SignUP: COST: FREE ( later upgrade if you cross their Free limit uses )


We use SendGrid to trigger Email through our system like once customers signup or order notification etc. As we need to trigger an email from your domain like [email protected] so you need to verify this domain with SendGrid through DNS to verify you own this domain. Signup Link: COST: FREE ( later upgrade if you cross their Free limit uses ) You need to keep all information correct otherwise they will not approve your account so be careful once you create an account and in some cases, once your signup they may ask to support their contact with basic information so you can send them a manual approval.


We send push notifications to customers with each product status update or you can use this to send messages to all customers from our CMS. You need to sign up and get their key to use in our system. SIGNUP: COST: FREE ( later upgrade if you cross their Free limit uses )
FIREBASE: COST: FREE If you want we share our developer account and you can add in your firebase account as admin if you have an issue to share your main Email/password.

MongoDB Database

We used MongoDB as a database to store the information. You can install MongoDB locally on the machine and used this our you can get any Cloud-hosted MongoDB to use as well. In Demo, We are using Cloud hosted MongoDB. You can create an account as basic use for this cloud-hosted MongoDB FREE. For further description and steps about creating free MongoDB. see here

Google API Key

We used the Google location API key to detecting user locations and distance. Get Google API Key


You need to get a Google Play developer account to publish your app on the android store. Google will charge you 25 USD One time cost to upload your app. You can create an account with your existing Gmail account.


You need to have a developer account to upload any IOS app to the Apple store. You need to Enroll through this link. Apple will charge you 99 USD/Yearly for a personal account and they have a different price if you want to register a company.
You can follow this blog if you have an issue with creating an Appstore and Playstore account.