Run in Emulator

To setup SDK on MAC follow this link, or if you are window user, please follow this link. All the following command work with IONIC CLI V3 so if you are still using older cli, please update ionic with

**$ npm install -g Cordova ionic **

You also need to install Gradle before making native build.

Run your app in IOS emulator

$ ionic Cordova platform add ios

$ ionic Cordova run-ios

Lately, if there is some issue with ios-sim and if you found this error:

Error: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined please do the following

cd platforms/ios/Cordova/node_modules/

Sudo npm install ios-sim@latest

Run your app in Android emulator

$ ionic Cordova platform add android

$ ionic Cordova run android

You can use genymotion instead of android default emulator because it will Fast to Load.