System Requirements

Follow these commands to the application.

Requirement for Node JS API

  • First, make sure you have installed node.js 8.X and npm 6.X version. You can check it on own terminal window by merely entering node -v and npm - v. You can also download latest nodeJs from here.

  • Git and Python also need to be install.

$ npm -v
$ node -v
  • MongoDB also need to install locally or better you can use Mlab.

You need to create a account or you have already account just login.

  • Click on the Create New button. You need to select the free version and database location and provide a unique name and create a database.

  • Once Database created, you need to create User for that Database. You can click on user Tab inside Mlab. You can enter any username, password to create a username and password for your Database.

Once Database create you need to Copy MongoDB URI from Mlab, It will looked like this :


<dbuser> : you replace this with username you added for this DB.

<dbpassword> : replace it with database password:

Ex : Username: demo and Password: 12345 then, your Mlab url will be like this

  • Navigate to Config > environment and replace the URL with your URI. You can also update the same in Production.ts file as well. If you like to set up a default database then seedbed: true or you can change it to false.

  • Gulp also need to be install on your machine. You can run the below command:

$ npm install -g gulp

Requirement for Dashboard

First make sure you have installed node.js 8.X and npm 5.X version. You can check it on own terminal window simply by entering node -v and npm -v . You can also download latest nodeJs from here

$ npm -v 
$ node -v 

once node and npm install on your machine we need to install Ionic globally as well .

// You can install ionic globally on your machine npm install -g @angular/cli 

Once Angular CLI install successfully verify installation with this command

ng -v   // it will show you the version of angualr-cli on your machine.

You might receive some other git related Error or node-sass as well .

If you Get this error please check if git install on your machine and if you are window user git should in your path of machine .

If there any error related to node-sass you may follow there guide based on your machine OS and most case window user might face issue then you can install Python 2.X on your machine and it probably resolve your Error.

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