Installation Guide

Here in this section, it provides the information about to run the app in Emulator.

How to Run

Run in Device or Emulator

Extract the zip you downloaded from codecanyon or our website.

Open your project(Flutter app) in text editor and go to terminal and install flutter packages:

** $ flutter packages get **

Once the flutter packages are installed successfully you can run the app in Device with :

** $ flutter run **

If you notice Error: Gradle task assembly debug failed with exit code one, make sure to add file inside android>app folder of project folder(Flutter app) and run flutter run, your application will get installed.

How to get JSON file:

  • Go to, click on Add Project and create new project.

  • Once the project gets Created, go to your project and open project settings. Select Android symbol, to add firebase to your Android App as displayed in the below screenshot.

  • Register App, where you can enter your android package. To get the package name go to android >main >Android Mainfest.XML there you will find package name then click on register app after that Add firebase SDK to your android app as displayed in the below screenshot.

  • After adding firebase to project, in project settings page your Andriod app will be shown. Download google-services.json from the app and add that json file inside project folder flutter app > android >app

Now you're good to go, just go to terminal and run flutter run to install the app in your device or emulator.

If there is any issue please google it or if you fail to find any solution please feel free to report us , we will look into it.

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