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It gives detailed information regarding the Delivery App component.

Restaurant Saas Delivery App


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  • Location: The folder can be found under src/pages/home/ containing following files src/pages/home/home.html src/pages/home/home.ts src/pages/home/home.service.ts src/pages/home/home.module.ts

    • Home.html contains images slider to display offers with images and three-section to show categories based on Near By restaurants, Newly arrived restaurants and Top rated restaurants.

    • Home.ts loads restaurants list 1) based on location taken from current place of customer 2) based on rating submitted by customers 3) based on newly created restaurants. (limited to 10 restaurants)

    • Home.service.ts calls backend via GET and POST methods to get restaurants info according to rating, location, and recently added restaurants. One backend call accepts longitude and latitude based on customers current location.

    • Home.module.ts declares different modules required on home page plus it provides various service injections for home page.


  • Location: The folder can be found under src/pages/cart/ containing following files src/pages/cart/cart.html src/pages/cart/cart.ts src/pages/cart/cart.service.ts src/pages/cart/cart.module.ts

  • cart.html shows a list of products added on a cart by a customer with several quantities that will also be adjustable from this page. And It also shows loyalty points and promo codes if available.

  • cart.ts fetches user data to get a user's loyalty information and restaurant's promo codes. It calculates prices according to changes made by the user on changing several quantities. Customer can remove the product(s) if later on, customer changes their mind.

  • cart.service.ts calls backend via GET methods to get loyalty point information of the logged-in user.

  • cart.module.ts declares different modules required on cart page plus it provides various service injections for cart page.

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