It gives information about various releases that happened till date with the release version date and time so that it will be easy for customers to know about the version.

4.0.1 - (14-07-2021)

User app, Delivery app: Migrated to Flutter 2.0

CMS, Web app: Migrated to Angular 12.

Minor issues fixed

3.1.2 - (23-03-2021)


  • Other bug fixes & improvements.

  • If the order type is pickup assign to delivery boy option is not possible fixed

  • Some Ui fixes are done

  • Api issue of subscriptions order and add address API issue fixed

  • Notification bell sound issue fixed

  • Add address button is removed in subscription page while subscribing product


  • Shipping methods feature

  • Option to add delivery instruction on the checkout page

  • Feature to add money to the wallet for later use

  • Admin can set percentage off on product prize

  • Product subscription for automatic daily, weekly, alternate , and monthly order

  • Product list performance improved

  • Image zoom feature added

3.0.1 - (16-01-2021)


  • Wallet layout fixed.

  • Now deals can be created on multiple products or whole category.

  • Complete stripe payment flow revised.

  • Reports and Graphs section to analyze sales on different ways.

  • Now working hours can be managed dynamic and admin can create any number of unique slots between 24 hours.

  • Various translate and auto-refresh issues are fixed.


  • Dark & Light theme support in the user app.

  • Multiple admins can be created, managed and deleted.

  • Admin can delete users unless the user has not placed any order.

  • Voice tone /bell will ring on new notifications.

  • Orders can be deleted by admins.

  • Whole new POS section to Create and Manage offline orders.

  • Order can be edited by admins. Price and quantity can be adjusted even after placing orders. Price adjustment will be reflected in the customer’s wallet.

2.2.0 - (16-10-2020)


  • Wallet layout fixed

  • Out of stock fixed

  • Cancel order fixed


  • Delivery boy ratings added

  • OTP authentication added

2.1.0 - (18-09-2020)


  • Cart logic fixed

  • Basic UI customized

  • Ratings improved

  • Invoice re-designed


  • Wallet feature added

2.0.0 - (09-08-2020) Major release


  • All app code refactored.

  • Directly add to cart from the product list implemented.

  • Seach methodology enhanced.

  • Out of stock product fixed.


  • Cancel order feature

  • Import/export product

1.4.0 - (02-08-2020)


  • Add to cart logic changed

  • Delivery boy logic enhanced

  • Stock management fixed

  • Chat issue fixed

1.3.0 - (18-05-2020)


  • Payment logic changed

  • Deals / Coupons issue fixed

  • Favorite logic fixed

1.2.0 - (07-05-2020)


  • Registration issue fixed

  • Cart UI improved

  • Payment issue fixed


  • Home UI enhanced

  • Thank you page implemented

1.1.0 - (17-04-2020)


  • Initial release basic UI fixed

  • Initial release some minor bugs fixed

1.0.0 - (06-04-2020)

  • Initial release

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