It gives detailed information about the deals.

Deals: The deal is an e-commerce business model in which an admin of the store offers a particular product or category for sale for a certain period by giving some offers or discounts. Potential customers receive information about the deals set by the admin from the CMS dashboard in the mobile app. It allows Store admin to market discounted services or products directly to the customers.

Here store admin can manage the deal details by updating and deleting deal details by using update and delete button and he can also use that toggle button to make the deals visible/Invisible to the customers in the Grocery pro user app. If the toggle button is set to true that deals get displayed in the user app if it is set to false deals will never get displayed. Admin can set it based on his convenience as displayed in the below screenshot.

Admin can add a deal by filling in the above fields :

DealType: You can choose the type of deal like categories or products to which you want to set a deal for and select the category to which you wanna set a deal and enter the title and description.

Deal offer: You can provide a certain percentage of discounts for your customers in terms of percentage in this field. Once all the above fields are filled, click on the submit button deal gets sent successfully.

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