Heroku NodeJS Api

It gives detailed information regarding the installation of heroku cli and to deploy NodeJS Api.

Install Heroku Cli

Once you done all the required changes in finish local setup of the project and ready to production.

You need to install Heroku-cli. It's available for MAC, Linux and Windows machine. Please follow this link and install CLI for deployment.

Check Heroku-CLI installation

$ heroku --version

If above command return the version number of heroku-cli then your heroku cli install and ready for deployment.

You need to Login with your heroku credential

$ heroku login // It will ask your heroku Email / pass

Create Heroku app and Deploy

  1. Create New app

Create heroku app from their dashboard

Once app created go to the deploy Tab and you can see your app git info that required app to deploy.

Heroku used Git to deploy your script