Menu Items

It gives detailed information about the menu items section.

Menu Items :Here the admin can add various menu items available in his /her particular restaurant and manage it by editing, deleting the menu items and admin can also enable and disable toggle buttons based on their availability .. so that if toggle button is set to false, it means that product which is disabled will not appear in the user app ..if it is set to true it appears in the user app so that end users can purchase it.

To add a new menu item click on the add item button at the top right corner so that it redirects to the add menu item page as displayed in the below screenshot.

To add a new menu item you need to fill in the following fields:

Title : A product title is something where you list your menu item in an eCommerce store with a title providing all the required information regarding your product, thus helping users to perceive your menu better

Description : A menu description is the marketing copy that explains what a menu item is and why it's worth purchasing. The purpose of a menu description is to supply customers with important information about the features and benefits of the product so they're compelled to buy.

Thumb : Here admin can choose the image of that particular product you wanna add from your device.

Category :Here admin can select the category of product to which it belongs to from the dropdown .

Offer Percentage:In this field, admin can offer a certain amount of discount for his customers

Extra Ingredients:Here admin can add extra ingredients for his menu items by providing extra ingredients name and price

Price:Here admin can mention price and variance size of menu items.

Menu Additional Info: Admin can provide a brief description of his menu items

After filling in all the above fields You can click on add submit button at bottom that product gets added successfully.