Firebase Config

Connect your firebase database with dashboard.


This app uses Firebase as a backend to read and save data for Menu, Order. In this section, you will find all the steps required for the dashboard connection with your Firebase App.

Create a Firebase App

First, you should create a free Firebase account and create a new project there. You can visit and signup if you don't have an account with Google earlier, and if you have an account, you can create a firebase app project. You can enter the project Name and Select Region, and it will create a Firebase project for you.

Add Firebase to your ionic/Dashboard app

Once the project gets Created, Navigate into Overview menu on the left side then you can see Add Firebase to your web app as displayed in the below screenshot

Copy App credential

Once you copy the Config credential can replace the current config details on firebase.config.ts

Then, click on the database link on the left panel. Click on small drop-down link on the right and it gives will you an option to export/import project. You need to click on "Import JSON" and upload the dummy JSON we provided. You can find dummy JSON inside Firebase project folder > src > assets. You can select and import this file.

If JSON file has already imported during Ionic app setup, then don't need to follow this setup copy your firebase app credential and add your dashboard config file

And Boom your Firebase project almost ready and you can see all the menu Items within apps from your Firebase account.

Firebase Authentication

To Register and Login to apps you need to activate firebase auth Email/password .

You can Setup Social auth as well, but you need to do some changes in the App side as well. You need to register or create an account from ionic mobile apps. Once you register, check your Database there one new user has created. You need to edit user permission from User to Admin to Log on to Dashboard.

If you have any issues you can contact our support team anytime and we will come back and resolve you ASAP.