It gives detailed information about the settings.

Various settings involved in our Restaurant Cms Dashboard are as follows :


1)Currency Settings :Here admin can update the currency settings by filling in below fields as displayed in the below screenshot

Global VAT:Here admin can set the value-added tax from this field. A value-added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever the value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale

Add Currency:Here admin can choose the currency from the dropdown

Program :Admin can set the loyalty percentage and minimum loyalty points from this field

After filling in all the fields click on the save button so that global vat settings will be updated successfully

2)Currencies:Here admin can manage the added currencies by editing and deleting it by using the edit and delete icon as displayed in the below screenshot

To add a new currency click on add currency button at the top right corner and fill in the following fields as displayed in the below screenshot.

Currency name :In this field, the admin can specify the currency name. Currency name will be different based on countries.

For example:

American Samoa (USA)

United States dollar



European euro



Angolan kwanza


Anguilla (UK)

East Caribbean dollar



Indian Rupee


Currency symbol: A currency symbol is a graphical representation substituted for the name of a currency. The symbol is usually, but not always, unique to a specific country or region. you can choose the currency symbol by clicking on the currency symbol list.

After filling in all the above fields click on add Currency button so that currency gets updated successfully .

Delivery Settings:

1)Delivery Options : Delivery is the process of transporting goods from a source location to a predefined destination. Here admin can manage the delivery area based on the location where orders can be delivered by adding delivery Pincode/postcode/area code as mentioned in the below screenshot. Admin can also edit it by using the edit icon .

To manage the delivery area click on add pin button (as mentioned in the above screenshot) and give the Pincode /area code /postcode of the location where you can deliver the orders currently. Whenever a user tries to order any of their favourite items from user app or web app, it asks them their location while filling the address field where the order needs to be get delivered. When the user tries to add address it asks for Pincode/postcode/area code. If the delivery is available for that particular location then only order gets delivered. Or else It shows the message delivery is not available for this particular Pincode/area code/postcode. So based on the delivery options set by the admin from cms dashboard user can get their favourites items delivered to their doorstep.

2)Delivery Price:Delivery price is the amount customer pays for delivering products /goods. Admin can set a delivery price for his various products from here as displayed in the below screenshot.

3)Delivery Status:

Working Hours :

Working hours are the hours during the day in which business is commonly conducted. Typical ... Large stores and restaurants follow an extended business hours schedule and are open.

Here admin can set the various time slots for his restaurant for almost all days starting from Monday to Sunday. You can also add various slots for your restaurant by clicking on add slot button ..based on the added slots from the dashboard it appears for the users in User app or web app. Admin can also delete the slots by clicking on the delete button.

Once the admin sets the timeslots based on their availability of the restaurant from cms dashboard, It displays an option for the user to choose the delivery date and timeslots from user app or web app where the order gets delivered between the particular time slot and date.

Buisness Info:

Buisness Info:Business Information includes various information and records relating to the restaurant or the business or activities or affairs of the restaurant, which can be reasonably considered to be confidential to the restaurant. It includes various information such as email, description, address, social page links, location, phone number, store name etc as displayed in the below screenshot.

Admin can update all their business information by filling in all the above fields as displayed in the above and below screenshots. The more a business knows about its customers, the more able it is to satisfy them.