It gives the detailed information about the orders.

Orders: This module presents a table view of orders and provides an admin with all needed tools to administrate orders, offers and invoices.

Whenever a customer places an order by using the Grocery Sass user app those order details will flow here in the admin dashboard.It contains details /information like OrderId,name,status etc .

Order ID: An Order ID is a unique number that you'll need to identify and track your orders. Each order receives its Order ID that will not be duplicated. With the help of this Order ID you can get information like; date of the order, shipping status, product details, payment data, etc

Action: Here admin of the store can choose various activities like pending, confirmed, out of delivery, cancelled, delivered.

Pending: Whenever the user places an order from the user app it comes to the admin dashboard until the admin accepts it order status is termed as pending

Confirmed: Once the admin accepts the order the status is termed as confirmed

Out of delivery: It means that your package has left the seller/ store and is on its way to be delivered to your specified address

Cancelled: If the admin wishes to cancel any of the order he can choose cancelled status from the dropdown.

Delivered: It means that your package has been delivered. Once the package is delivered admin can set the status to delivered.

Admin can also view the order details by clicking on the view icon as displayed in the below screenshots.

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