NodeJs Vs Firebase

Difference Between NodeJs and Firebase Backend

If you are not decided with backend need to use please go through below table and decide which backend suits your requirements.

Develop Rest api with NodeJS and MongoDB

Firebase Realtime Backend used

AWS SES used for Email

You need to choose Email provider

Easy to implement Complex features

Somewhat difficult to implement complex features

Cloudinary used for images

Cloudinary used for images

Setup More Difficult

Easy Setup and Deployment

Required Cloud Host like AWS , Google Cloud , Digital Ocean

Deploy on any Hosting Provider

Integration with 3rd party api easy

Need Cloud function to implement Complex features

Easy to implement Details report or Searching / Filtering

Limitation of query so details report and complex search / Filter difficult to implement.

Sending Custom Email / Push Notification easy

If you want to implement need Cloud function to be written and deploy on their platform

Need to manage your Hosting and scaling your own

Firebase Manage automatically

Hope Now you have Clear idea and Decided which one fit with your requirements.

You can check more feature and details about each backend on below link .



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