Social Configuration

Setup Facebook , Google and Twitter config for Native social login.

Create Facebook App ID and setup of user Login

To use the FB plugin, you first have to create a new Facebook App with your Facebook developer portal at

Retrieve the App ID and App Name

Then type in the following command in your Terminal, where APP_ID and APP_NAME are the values from the Facebook Developer portal .

You can replace APP_NAME and APP_ID in config.xml file.

Now you'll need to add the native platforms you'll be using to your app in the Facebook Developer portal under your app's Settings:

Click 'Add Platform'.

Now you need to open your project's config.xmlfile, found in the root directory of your project.


You need to copy your id , You are free to keep any id that unique.

iOS Install

Under 'Bundle ID', add the id from your config.xml file:

CheckSingle Sign On.

Android Install

Add platform android

Set your Google Play Package Name. You can find your name in your platforms/android/AndroidManifest.xml file.

<manifest android:hardwareAccelerated="true" android:versionCode="1" android:versionName="0.0.1" package="com.ionicframework.ionic2fblogin864493" xmlns:android="["&gt]("&gt);

Check Single Sign On

Set the Class Name to com.facebook.FacebookActivity

Generate your own [Key Hash](  please follow that tutorial how to create key Hash.

If you have follow all those setup properly, you will accomplish your mission :). You may also follow these article that might help you ionic facebook native and ionic facebook native 2.

Create Google App ID and setup of user Login


Click on top Left dropdown button and it will popup window to Create a new app.

Click on Plus icon and create a new app.

Click on Left menu called Credentials > Create credentials and then select OAuth Client ID and then Select Application Type ( web application) , provide any name to app and it will generate Client ID and Secret KeyId.

You need to add These Info into Google Firebase Setup and in Login.ts and Signup.ts you can replace webClientIdwith own clientID.

To integrate Native Google Plus Login you need to follow same as above but this time select Android platform and fill all the required Info . You need to create certificate signing request from the command provided there and add package name from Androidmanifest.xml files.

​Similarly if you want google plus login for IOS you can select that option and provide the required details like bundle Id and all.

Create Twitter App ID and setup of user Login

Go to and create account or Login.

Navigate to and click on Add your API key on right side.

Copy your API key and replace API of Config.xml FABRIC_KEY .

Now you need to goto and create a new app you need to enter value in all the required fields.

Click on Key and access token tab.

Copy that API key and API Secret key to your XML file . These 2 information also needed in your Firebase twitter setup.

Please be patient if you are looking to integrate Native social Login to your app. It takes lots of time sometime if you are doing it First-time need to spent a day on this as well. Cordova based normal social login is very easy but in that user need to log in with there credential each time we open the app in App browser but In case of Native it access info from user install the app on the device. In the future if they make the process simpler, we will update our docs as well.

Once you setup native Module better Delete your old platform and install platform again so the new platform will sink with your new config.xml file where you added all the social key stuff.

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