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Zip File Structure

Ionic Restaurant app is a mobile app for both Android and iOS made with Ionic framework and Cordova.

Free version available to Download and check from our github . If you want to Download latest ionic V4 and required support then purchase from ionicfirebase.

Once you extract the downloaded file, you will see below directory structure.

Ionic Restaurant App Zip File Structure

This app support firebase backend and Rest api backend. We have provided both version of the app and you can use one by one,it's easier for you . We have backend for both the version.

  • License Folder : Terms and conditions for use, reproduction and distribution of this software piece.

  • restaurant_firebase : Includes a ionic firebase app project full source code generate with ionic-cli and written with typeScript. You can start development project from this directory. Currency in demo it connect with our firebase account that you can configure with your own account. Firebase version backend can purchase from this link FIREBASE RESTAURANT CMS DASHBOARD .

  • restaurant_nodeJs : it contains all the required file similar to firebase version but we use Rest Api for it . You can use any Rest api with this version . We have NodeJS backend that currently connect with this product. You can buy nodeJS backend from our website .

NodeJS version of app is more flexible compare to firebase as it's flexible and customize as required in future but firebase very easy to setup. You can follow below link if wants to know which backend suits your requirements better.

NodeJs Vs Firebase

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